Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Harper's Ferry Historical site

Of course, we were deep into Civil War Territory. So, we opted for a trip to Harper's Valley and John Brown country instead of a trip to Washington DC. I think we made the better choice. These are just a few of the photos we took that day. We stopped half way to our destination to get lunch and found a Fashion Bug with a huge sale going on. You know we did the dirty. Yup, bought lots of stuff and had a fabulous chicken and cranberry sandwich at McCallister's. The potatoe salad was almost as good as mine. LOL!! Kriss and I take photos of things that catch our eye, as apposed to documenting the place. It serves both purposes, but it is a lot more fun because to find corners and back yards that aren't on the tourist walk to take photos of . Thus, the photo on the top left side of the layout. Someone had stacked rocks on their rock wall and we wondered if they were somone's interprtation of Inuksuks. They were definately photo worthy. For both of us. The little photo on the top right side is from our mountain trek in the Smokey Mountains. It is Honeysuckle, Virginia style. So, done for now, but I will be playing with my Studio J some more today. I am hooked.
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  1. Great stuff Roberta!! Can't wait to see where you take this new Digital Scrapbooking!!!